Navigating the Financial Forest
Monday, 06 February 2012 10:00

Yesterday afternoon I decided to take advantage of the beautiful spring afternoon and went bush walking. I decided to be a little adventurous and walk a different route than the one I usually used. This was not only somewhat riskier, but the advantage was that I would physically challenge myself and lose the winter flab by walking on gravel rather than a paved road. About half way up the mountain, I noticed a little trail which looked like a short-cut, a little steeper, but would ultimately save me a tonne of time. Boy was I wrong; I ended up chest high in very dense woodland which was exceptionally hard to navigate. I knew which direction I needed to go but just really found it hard to work my way through the grass, bushes and dead trees, all the while wondering if there were any snakes around me.

So the question is, what does this have anything to do with Finance?

The walk itself is just symbolic, however, the strategies I employed to navigate out of the dense woodland does have financial implications.

Consider the route I walked as a risky financial business strategy. I could see the top of the mountain and therefore knew the direction I needed to go, however the path in front of me was not easy and contained numerous obstacles.  The business world is very similar, one does not become rich overnight, there is quite a bit of effort that needs to be exerted to achieve ones goals. Sometimes itís prudent to move sideways and backwards, to then enable you to move forwards.

Good business is about learning to step back and take-stock of not only your accomplishments, but of your current position in the marketplace. Every successful business has a business plan that they adhere to. The business plan should not only detail your ultimate goal, your strengths and your weaknesses, but should in detail outline your milestones and methodology. As a matter of fact, business should be reviewing their business plan on a regular basis to ensure they are staying on course and adjust course if necessary. Only then will you be able to safely navigate yourself out of the financial forest.

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